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Winter is Coming - Brace yourself summer in shenzhen is coming

Ugh, summer in Shenzhen.  The second you step outside, you start boiling in hot, soupy air.  Every part of your body sweats profusely.  Makeup and hair-styling are futile.  Going outside between 10am-4pm is an exercise in pain.

But anyway….

Our last two scheduled tours are this week.

Wednesday, 12:00pm meeting in front of Mcdonalds Seaworld/1:00pm Hubei Exit C

Dongmen Tour

Please join us for a lovely trip around Dongmen, one of Shenzhen’s oldest neighborhoods.  Located in Luohu, this is where locals come to shop for just about everything.  It’s also famous for its beauty treatments and street food.

We’ll take the metro out there and give you a guided tour lasting about 1.5 hours.  Afterwards, we’ll stop for an optional lunch at a toilet themed restaurant.  Then you’re welcome to return back with us or wander on your own. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a special map so you don’t get lost.

Saturday, April 26 @ 10:30am meeting in front of the McDonalds at SeaWorld

SeaWorld/ShuiWanTou Tour!

Our most popular tour just got bigger!  Whether you’re new to Shenzhen or just new to the ShuiWanTou neighborhood, join us for a 1.5 hour walking tour.  You’ll meet the tailors, see the DVD store, tour MeDo massage, peek into Shekou’s oldest dim sum restaurant, and more!
You’ll receive a custom made Love, Shenzhen map for the tour.  You’ll also have a chance to ask any questions you might have about China.
Afterwards, you are welcome to join us for an optional lunch at the secret Thai restaurant.

RSVP with info@lovesz.net
Price: 30RMB SWIC/40RMB Regular

Cancelled if raining, three people minimum.

One thought on “Upcoming Events

  1. I am Brazilian and I’m living here in Shenzhen since December 2013.
    I want to join this group! Receive good news and events and know good friends!
    Thanks a lot!

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