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    Link City in Futian

    When it comes to the expats of Shenzhen, we all tend to stick to our little communities.  You’ve got the Shekou expats, the Baishizhou expats, the Futian expats, and [...]
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    Dot Number 9 ~ XiangMiHu

    For those of us who have lived in Shenzhen for a while, and for those who have only just arrived, there are always the usual neighbourhoods we get introduced to. Shekou is [...]
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    Vegetarian Oasis

    A vegetarian oasis to explore in Luohu Source: SZ Daily In the past, many viewed vegetarianism as strange and faddish. Nowadays, properly planned vegetarian diets are widely [...]
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    Les Duos

    The Love, Shenzhen team headed to Les Duos to check out Shenzhen’s first Restaurant Week.   We’ve been wanting to eat here forever, but it is not [...]

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